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What are Apprenticeships?

As your employee, an apprentice earns a wage and works alongside your experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Off the job, an apprentice receives training to work towards nationally recognised qualifications.

An Apprenticeship can take between 12 months and four years to complete depending on the level and type of Apprenticeship, the apprentices' skills and ability and the industry sector.



As apprenticeships are work-based training programmes, the training is 'on the job' - at your premises. 


Support provided:

  • Help you decide which apprenticeship pathway is right for you and your company

  • Explain the way that apprenticeships work for you through workshop and 1-2-1 contact with your Assessor.

  • Agree a training plan with your employer and learner

  • A designated Quality and Compliance manger reviews current and on-going  training and evaluations

  • Ensure that national quality framework standards are met and deliver through an integrated, coherent training methodology.

  • Reflective practice from the service delivery team provides feedback to managers on a monthly basis.


Key benefits for the apprentice:

  •  Earn a Salary

  • Get paid holidays

  • Receive training

  • Gain qualifications

  • Learn job-specific skills.


Frequently Asked Questions

"What are Apprenticeships?"

They are work based training programmes designed around the needs of employers, which lead to national recognised qualifications.

"Who are they for?"

You can use apprenticeships to train both new and existing employees. Funding is available to train apprentices.

"Who runs them?"

Apprenticeships are designed by the Sector Skills Council (Part of the Skills for Business network), while the National Apprenticeship Service helps to fund the training.

"How are apprenticeships developed?"

Business representatives from the relevant industry sector work with the Sector Skills Councils to develop the course content and because they genuinely understand your business, the training will be relevant for your industry.

"Where do they take place?"

This is up to you. Most of the training is 'on the job' at your premises. The rest can be provided by KYP Health and Leisure Ltd.






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